Legal mediation is the process of two disagreeing parties working out differences with the help of a mediator to oversee the process rather than letting the courts decide. Lawyers in College Station TX explain that mediation is a fast way to decide problems between two sides and is less costly than seeking resolution in front of a judge. In many cases, when the issues stem from personal situations such as divorce or dividing up business or estate assets, mediation can be a good course of action for all involved parties.

Mediation – A Possibility

Since legal mediation is generally used in situations where the issue at stake is more of a disagreement than anything else, there is usually not a particular law that must be upheld. Mediation has become a process that happens within the law, a fair way that two parties who cannot agree can be helped to find some kind of decision to benefit both parties. With this type of settlement action, the true importance in many issues can be determined so that both parties can be assisted in coming to a suitable agreement.

Mediation can be used in cases involving: divorce, child custody, small claims, business or community disputes, school or college related problems, and other points of contention between two people or groups. The end result is often more precisely tailored to handle the problem than would be done in court .

Mediation – The Process

If parties want to use mediation to resolve problems, the first thing to done is hire a mediator from the many lawyers in College Station Texas. Professionals in this area usually have extensive knowledge in certain areas such as business practices or marital asset allocation and can offer different levels of service, from helping to keep the agenda moving forward to presenting viable options to resolve the problem.

Mediator are usually interviewed as both sides must agree on the choice; then both sides can meet with the mediator to discuss the issues. The first step after introductions is to review the main issues and let each party enter an opinion. Through meetings, both parties are helped reach a settlement that is mutually satisfactory. A document is written to detail the agreement(s) and each party’s responsibility as a result.

Proceedings from legal mediation can be upheld in court if necessary. If a previously mediated case goes to the courts, there are no rights to appeal; the judge’s decision will be final decision and the case is closed.

Mediation – The Benefits

Besides reduced cost and faster service, there are quite a few other benefits that make this process popular. There is no jury or judge and all discussions are held privately between the two sides, their representing lawyers in College Station, and the mediator. It is a process that usually does not attract media or outside attention, and agreements can be made with complete privacy other than those in the room.

Mediation often allows the involved parties a better chance to voice concerns than during a court hearing; both parties are also protected from punitive damages, court expenses and the delays in reaching a decision. Any issues that could involve large awards or settlements would be better decided by the courts.

When there is an ongoing dispute that could be helped by the intervention of a third, non-biased person, legal mediation can be a good potential solution. With the help of lawyers in College Station TX to assist finding a mediator, resolution of an ongoing problem can be reached that is agreeable to all involved parties.

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