The oil and gas industry is currently one of the largest industries in the world, with every country somehow associated due to the vast need for oil and natural gas products. Both substances are harvested from different spots all over the world, both on dry land or under the ocean floors; such extraction can be extremely difficult at times, as well as expensive. Since its onset, the oil industry has been highly competitive, even cutthroat at times, which is what brought about the initial need for legal professionals specialized for the oil industry, such as attorneys in College Station Texas, to represent and protect the largest companies in the world.

Mud Lawyers

When drilling for oil and natural gas extraction spread throughout the United States, legal handling of this rapidly growing industry fell to the ‘mud lawyers,’ attorneys who were scoffed at by others in the legal profession, ridiculed for providing service to clients who dealt with dirty, muddy drilling and extraction that produced messy crude oil and natural gas. Despite such lack of respect, these first energy industry attorneys persevered and kept the profession growing. Then the energy industry exploded and energy products from the earth became one very hot commodity. Suddenly the ‘mud lawyers’ did not look so bad – and the city lawyers had mud on their faces.

Modern Energy Industry Lawyers

The main duties of College Station TX attorneys who specialize in the petroleum industry today are to determine land and product ownership, rights to products within that land, and the buying and selling of companies as well as products. When the first oil tycoons were created as the industry expanded in leaps and bounds, these attorneys were also responsible then – just as they are now – for upholding a  company’s adherence to appropriate business, environmental, and legal laws in order to do business.

Today, oil and gas attorneys in College Station TX are more important than ever due to the massive industry growth and the harsh competitiveness that such growth represents. With the continual development of new drilling projects and refineries as well as the constant movement of company mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other business agreements, this branch of the legal system is now essential to the industry and oil companies retain company lawyers to protect company interests.

Ownership Protection

What has always been – and will likely continue to be – is the need for legal and business guidance, effective representation, and legal interpretation regarding the ownership of the oil or gas rights under a particular area of land. Lessee entitlement to such ground deposits must be defined as well. The answer is not always as simple as it may seem, so oil companies must be prepared to protect owned properties and its mineral rights.

In the United States, per attorneys in College Station those who own property also own any minerals found beneath such property, which is fairly straightforward. That simple concept becomes just the opposite when dealing with oil rights, angled wells, and oil drilled from the ocean floor and other less common places such as those where local and federal government is frequently documented as being the landowner. Other times, the owner or lessee is actually multiple companies or individuals. This information is constantly changing due to business deals and other reasons, making the topic of oil ownership alone a significant and complex reality.

Today, oil and gas attorneys in College Station TX have a greater level of respect from peers, since the oil and gas industry has quickly grown to huge proportions, worth billions of dollars yearly through many different ways, meaning legal professionals must be highly experienced in the oil industry and its operation. Gone are the days when energy company lawyers were perceived as being less professional than other attorneys. Oil and gas attorneys handle some of the largest business deals around – and are held in much greater esteem!

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