There are nearly 63 million Americans receiving disability payments because of being legally disabled and unable to work. Social Security disability is one of the benefits available to most U.S. citizens; however, the process involved to obtain this benefit can be difficult. Due to a number of fraudulent or unqualified claims, the process of applying for Social Security benefits for the disabled can be lengthy and confusing. This complexity is why many applicants seek the help of lawyers in Bryan Texas who are experienced with the process and can help clients receive a favorable outcome.

The Complexities of Filing for Disability

The reality of the disability process is that most applicants are initially denied disability status and payment; up to 70% of all claims are turned down for various reasons. Most of the time it is due to either the submission of incomplete or incorrect forms or the provided information included as evidence of a disabling condition does not actually prove the claim or at least prove that an applicant cannot work at any job.

Application review can take months, even rejected claims, which often causes applicants to become confused and unsure of how else to proceed to actually receive social security disability benefits. When reaching this point of frustration, many applicants seek the services of a lawyer in Bryan TX who is experienced in handling social security disability claims.

What Can a Disability Lawyer Do?

The important value that skilled lawyers in Bryan can provide to a client seeking disability benefits is an understanding of the whole filing process as well as knowledge of what documentation is required to attain disability status in order to claim available benefits based on an applicant’s medical and circumstantial history. Once all of the corroborating information has been gathered, attorney and client will sit down and decide on the best way in which to try to handle either a reapplication or appeal.

Rejection and Reconsideration – Time to Get a Lawyer?

Upon initial rejection, applicants normally have 60 days in which to file for application reconsideration, at which point a different claims processor will review the application and supporting material. This can also take months and for the most part acceptance of a claim by reconsideration is even slimmer than during the initial application process. After a second rejection, there is no other recourse than to seek the help of a disability lawyer in Bryan TX.

Based on each individual case and an applicant’s circumstances, an attorney can review the application, research the history of the claim, and then decide one of three things:

  1. Evidence does not support a claim for Social Security disability benefits.
  2. A more complete application should be submitted.
  3. An appeal should be filed and a hearing requested.

Filing an appeal must be done within 60 days of the last rejection, so applicants must not delay in finding an attorney to initiate the required process. After determining whether the plan is to reapply or appeal, attorneys can then guide clients through the rest of the process, hopefully resulting in an approval and award of disability status and entitlement to disability benefits. Disability lawyers in Bryan prepare for such hearings just like any other hearing; evidence must be gathered to support the claim being made to prove the case and then it must be presented in such a way to support the claim for disability status.

Before assuming that nothing else can be done after a denial of Social Security disability benefits, an applicant should seek the help of qualified disability lawyers in Bryan Texas. Many times success is still possible, whether through reapplication or a hearing, if the help of disability attorneys is obtained to handle the process through to a successful conclusion!

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